The Knowledge Centre Open Data is responsible for the course Geo-information Organisation and Legislaten (GEO1009) in the MSc. program Geomatics of Delft University of Technology. The Msc. Geomatics provides vital spatial knowledge about the built environment. Students learn to use advanced techniques in data collection and analysis, spatial information modelling and the visualisation of data. The course Geo-information Organisation and Legislation discusses the key legislative frameworks applying to geographic information and addresses the organisational challenges practitioners may be confronted with when working with geo-information within and between organisations, countries and regions.

In the interuniversity Master’s degree programme Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA) the Knowledge Centre is coordinator of the course Management of Organisations (Module 3) and co-coordinator of  the Internship module (Module 8). GIMA focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective. The course on Management of Organisations tries to raise the awareness of how geo-information should be organized and promoted in the real world. In the Internship module students gain work experience and apply all the knowledge obtained in other modules in the real world

Besides these two MSc programmes, the Knowledge Centre is involved in several other education and training activities.

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