Geographical information is everywhere. Think of physical planning, risk management, navigation systems, location based services, movement analysis, augmented reality, increasing use of maps and volunteered geographical information. This is why Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA) is such a relevant and complete Master of Science programme; it focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective.

In addition, there are two aspects which make GIMA a unique programme: the blended learning concept and the co-operation between four renowned Dutch universities. GIMA is also an international programme. It does not only target Dutch bachelors, but also foreign bachelors and professionals with equivalent pre-education.


Module 3: Management in Organizations

This course tries to raise the awareness of how geo-information should be organized and promoted in the real world. It emphasizes on why geo-information should be used and how that is possible. The course relates to the GIMA module on project management, although in this case geo-information is embedded in an organization; it is business driven rather than project driven. The course comes with many deadlines and thus simulates real world business.



The internship allows the student to gain practical experience in a (geo-information) working environment. The internship contributes to the successful fullfillment of the needed knowledge and experience of an academic and professional GIMA graduate. It allows the student to expand his/her professional experience and creates a sound basis for graduation. The internship is carried out within geo-information companies, agencies and research institutes in the Netherlands or abroad.

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