AGILE 2018 Workshop ‘SDI Research and Strategies towards 2030’

The aim of the ‘SDI Research and Strategies towards 2030’ Workshop is to initiate the definition of a renewed Spatial Data Infrastructure Research Agenda for ‘SDI Research and Strategies towards 2030’, incorporating both technical and non-technical perspectives and research challenges. The workshop will take place on Tuesday 12 June 2018, in Lund (Sweden).

The workshop has three objectives:

  1. To provide an overview of recent and ongoing research on SDI and related topics
  2. To identify gaps and challenges in SDI research and define a research agenda for future SDI research
  3. To (re-)establish a research community for SDI research that promotes and enables active collaboration and engagement across multiple disciplines and regions



In the past 30 years, public administrations in Europe and worldwide have invested considerable resources in the development and implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) for promoting, facilitating and coordinating the exchange and sharing of geographic data. SDI research has been an important driver and enabler for SDI development and implementation. Researchers across the world have been exploring various issues around the development and implementation of SDIs. While over the last decade SDIs significantly matured, new research challenges emerged and new researchers and research disciplines entered the domain of SDI research. There is, however, a risk of SDI research becoming more fragmented into separate – disciplinary, organizational and geographic – silos, due to a lack of initiatives enabling and facilitating collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experiences among SDI researchers.

The ‘SDI Research and Strategies towards 2030’ workshop would like to offer SDI researchers an opportunity to share their research and formulate the SDI research agenda. The aim of the workshop is to build further and continue the work done in past initiatives to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among SDI researchers. In 2009 and 2010 two SDI research workshops were held at the GSDI Conferences in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Singapore, allowing especially early stage researchers in the domain of SDI to present their ongoing research and exchange views and ideas on new research challenges. One of the last attempts to develop an SDI research agenda already dates from 2005, when Bernard et al. drafted their proposal for an SDI research agenda, identifying several key research issues raised by the transition from GIS to SDIs. The ‘SDI Research and Strategies towards 2030’ would like to initiate the definition of a renewed Spatial Data Infrastructure Research Agenda.


Call for abstracts

Researchers interested in presenting their research at the workshop are asked to submit a short abstract (between 200-400 words) of their research project. Abstracts (in English; doc/docx or pdf format) should be sent to by March 30, 2018.

We especially would like to encourage PhD students and young researchers to submit an abstract and present their research to the international SDI research community.


Important dates

Submissions due: 30 March 2018 (Extended deadline: 10 April 2018)

Notification of Acceptance: 14 April 2018

Early registration ends: 15 April 2018

Workshop day: 12 June 2018



Glenn Vancauwenberghe – TU Delft, The Netherlands

Bastiaan van Loenen – TU Delft, The Netherlands

Joep Crompvoets – KU Leuven, Belgium

Lars Bodum – Aalborg University, Denmark

Ali Mansourian – Lund University, Sweden


More information

See the workshop call for abstracts and the AGILE 2018 Conference website.

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