First PhD day TU Delft and KU Leuven

On June 30 PhD candidates of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Delft University of Technology exchanged their PhD research concepts and ideas with each other in Leuven. Joep Crompvoets welcomed the Delft guest and introduced KU Leuven and the Public Governance Institute and Bastiaan van Loenen introduced the Knowledge Center Open Data. The PhD candidates that presented their research were:

  • Maxim Chantillon: The Development of Public Policy Governance Models for Geospatial E-services, Characterized by a Focus on Public Sector Values
  • Agung Indrajit: 4D Open SDI for Urban Participatory Spatial Planning Monitoring
  • Stijn Wouters: The governance of e-government projects in Flanders
  • Bujar Nushi: Assessing SDIs through stress testing
  • Ine Buntinx: Governance mechanisms to support the use of innovative geospatial technologies for land tenure recording: case studies in East-Africa
  • Frederika Welle Donker: Sustainable open data business models
  • Roel Heijlen: (Big) data governance in the public sector

Next meeting wil be organised in the Summer of 2018 in Delft.

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