Open data discussions at FLAGIS seminar

On Thursday 21 September, KCOD researcher Glenn Vancauwenberghe participated in the ‘Smart ideas, smart solutions’ seminar organised by FLAGIS, the Flemish Association for Geographic Information Systems. The seminar brought together practitioners from the public and the private sector and researchers to discuss about the key challenges in the domain of geospatial information in Flanders.

Glenn Vancauwenberghe was moderator of two discussion sessions on the topic of open geospatial data. In these sessions, both providers and users of open geospatial data shared their views on the status of open data In Flanders. While the data providers mainly talked about barriers that still hinder them to make their data available, the users explained how open data already helped them in developing and providing services and products. Most participants in the discussion sessions agreed with the need for more collaboration in the open data ecosystem: collaboration among data providers at different administrative levels, but especially collaboration between data providers and data users. Other suggested approaches and instruments for improving the Flemish open data ecosystem were the definition of high value ‘local’ datasets and the use of quality labels to clearly indicate the quality of a particular dataset.

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