GEOValue: The socioeconomic value of geospatial information

Researchers of the Knowledge Centre have contributed to the book ‘GEOValue: The Socioeconomic Value of Geospatial Information’, edited by Jamie B. Kruse, Joep Crompvoets and Francoise Pearlman and published by CRC Press. The book explores the different steps in the geospatial information value chain from the viewpoint of domain experts spanning various disciplines.

In their chapter on business models for geographic information (GI), Glenn Vancauwenberghe, Frederika Welle Donker, and Bastiaan van Loenen examine the process of creating value from geographic information using the foundational format of business model theory. The chapter investigates how organizations use a broad variety of models to create, deliver, and capture value, and contributes to the understanding of the diversity of business models of organizations dealing with GI.

Glenn Vancauwenberghe also co-authored a book chapter titled ‘Performance Measurement of Location Enabled e-Government Processes: A Case Study on Traffic Safety Monitoring’. This chapter presents a case study of traffic safety monitoring as an application of location-enabled e-government processes is described. A qualitative method was developed and applied to estimate the impact of location enablement of e-government processes on system performance. Results show that the performance in terms of time, costs, and quality are negatively influenced by lack of upstream data harmonization and difficulties in the handling of the sharing agreements.


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