Beyond Data Event Round table session The Impact of Open Geo Data on municipalities: and how about the governance?

The Beyond Data Event was held on 29 March 2018 for the 9th time in Eindhoven. As part of the event, so-called round table sessions, were organised, in which participants could join an open discussion in a small group on a specific topic. Dr. Frederika Welle Donker of the Knowledge Centre Open Data was invited to facilitate a round table session on the governance of open data as part of the E-GOS Local project. The half-hour session was well attended by participants mainly from municipalities, provinces and research institutes. The discussion centred around the deliberations municipalities have to make to assess which data can or cannot be published as open data. Municipalities collect much data, but can the data be published as open data? How about privacy concerns? How about incomplete or imperfect data quality? How can municipalities move from one-way data portals to two-way communication and data exchange with citizens and companies? And how can citizens get access to data that may be politically sensitive, e.g. locations of crimes or actual air quality data? Experiences were shared and viewpoints exchanged. Half an hour proved to be too short to discuss all governance issues. It did provide a lively platform to air concerns.

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