MSc projects completed

Iris van der Kerk (2015). Data use versus privacy protection in public safety in smart cities; The use of big, open and geographic data for achieving public safety objectives in the Dutch smart city context and the influence of European privacy protection here upon, MSc. thesis GIMA.

Anne -Jop de Jong (2015). Geographic data as personal data in four EU Member States, MSc. thesis GIMA.

Ruud Roskam (2014). 3D Geographical Data Management in Rotterdam; A case-study on the orientations and perspectives of the different levels of 3D geo-data management in the municipality of Rotterdam, MSc. thesis GIMA.Anouk van Zijp (2008). “De invloed van organisatie en cultuur op een geo-informatie infrastructuur“, MSc. thesis Geomatics.

Niek Goorman (2010). “BAG & BGT: Spatial Key Registers – Compatibility and Municipal Use in Zwolle” , MSc. thesis GIMA.

Erica Black (2010). “Assessing organisational aspects of Sub-national SDI; the case of the Balearis Islands and Catalonia“, MSc. thesis GIMA.

Bujar Nushi (2010). “Multi-view SDI assessment of Kosovo Developing a solid base to support SDI strategy development”, MSc. thesis GIMA.

Pieter de Graaf (2006). “The relation of digital exchangeable spatial plans with geographic information infrastructure within Dutch municipal organisation“, MSc. thesis GIMA.

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