Seminar reuse of private sector and public sector data

On Friday March 6th, the Knowledge Center Open Data organised the well attended seminar “Reuse of private sector and public sector data” highlighting two recent developments in the European Union and beyond: the processing of machine-generated (non-personal) data and the new EU Open data and Public Sector Information Directive. The seminar included presentations on the data governance in Toronto’s Quayside project, the Dutch sensor register pilot, a recap of the recast of the PSI Directive as well as a presentation on research into open data use and See for the presentations:

Magdalena Grus (Kadaster) Sensor register: Who is measuring what and where in the public space?
Prof. Teresa Scassa (University of Ottowa) Smart Cities Data Governance – Lessons from Quayside
Lorenzo Dalla Corte (TU Delft) Recast of the PSI Directive and the future of private sector data reuse
Frederika Welle Donker (TU Delft) Open data use assessed
Bastiaan van Loenen (TU Delft) Open data research agenda


This seminar was funded through the financial support of the Dutch STW/NWO Maps4Society Programme (project no. 13718).

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