The Ministry of Interior of Taiwan and the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) together organized the 15th GSDI World Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference lasted for five days, from 29 November to 2nd December in 2016. The main theme of the conference was Spatial Enablement in Smart Homeland, including three main topics of Smart Disaster Prevention, Smart Transportation and Smart City.

An E-GOS presentation was given on the topic of ‘Analyzing recent trends and developments in the SDI network’. The presentation built further on earlier research on the development and application of the network approach on spatial data infrastructures in Flanders. Using the analysis of the Flemish SDI network in 2008 as a starting point, the presentation examined how the network of spatial data flows has changed in recent years, and how these changes are driven or influenced by different technological and non-technological developments. The presentation showed how recent developments such as the implementation of network services and the application of linked and open data have steadily transformed and shaped the network of spatial data flows.



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