PhD thesis Frederika Welle Donker

On 6 December 2016, Frederika Welle Donker successfully defended her PhD thesis ‘From access to re-use: a user’s perspective on public sector information availability’.

With more public sector geographic information becoming available as open data and with rapid technological developments, a trickle of web services and apps based on public sector information can be witnessed. However, the predicted free flow of information products and services based on public sector information has not eventuated yet. The main challenge for open data will be how to measure the actual impact of open government data. To do so, an open data assessment framework is required that evaluates open government data not only from a data supplier’s perspective, but also from a (re-)user’s perspective.

This dissertation aims to bridge the gap between current government data re-use practices and its full potential. User barriers are identified, theoretical concepts  are developed and designed, and practical bridges are provided to enable re-use to the max. An open data assessment model to determine the effects of open data was developed and tested on open data supplied by Liander, an energy network administrator. This assessment model was refined and extended to assess the maturity of the State of Open Data in the Netherlands. Although most of the research was primarily performed in the Netherlands and aimed at the Dutch geo-sector, the results are equally applicable to a broader perspective.

More information on the thesis can be found here.


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