Prototype of the Map of Open SDI

The ‘Map of Open SDI in Europe’, a project of the Knowledge Centre Open Data of Delft University of Technology, is developed to provide SDI decision makers, practitioners and researchers with a more comprehensive understanding of the openness of spatial data infrastructures in Europe. The Map covers three key dimensions of Open SDIs: readiness, implementation and impact. The map provides an overview of the status of Open SDIs in different European countries.

A first prototype of the Map has been released for the INSPIRE 2017 Conference workshop ‘Towards a Map of Open SDI/INSPIRE‘. This prototype version is based on the preliminary results of an assessment of the level of openness of different national SDIs in European, and still contains some errors, missing values and incorrect values. The results of the workshop will be used to update and improve the Map of Open SDI in Europe, making it a highly relevant and practical tool that shows the status of Open SDIs in Europe and supports decision makers and practitioners in making their own SDI more open.

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