Open SDI/INSPIRE Workshop: presentations and results

On September 4 2017, the Knowledge Centre Open Data organised the well attended workshop ‘Towards a Map of Open SDI/INSPIRE’ at the INSPIRE 2017 Conference in Kehl (Germany) and Strasbourg (France).  In this workshop, several experts presented their view and experiences on Open  SDI and a first prototype of the ‘Map of Open SDI in Europe’ was shown.

The ‘Map of Open SDI in Europe’ explores the openness of NSDI/INSPIRE implementation in Europe, covering three key dimensions of Open SDIs: the readiness, the data availability and accessibility, and the impact of open SDIs. In the discussion sessions on the different dimensions of Open SDIs new ideas and suggestions were provided that will be incorporated in guidelines on how to measure and assess the open SDI.


Workshop programme and presentations

Part 1: Introduction and experts’ views:

Part 2: Your view on Open SDI/INSPIRE

  • Discussion in smaller groups: What do you think about Open SDI?


Participants’ views on Open SDI

Pictures from the workshop

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