PhD Afternoon OTB

On Wednesday 27 September the PhD Afternoon OTB took place, during which 19 PhD researchers of OTB presented their work. Also two KCOD researchers, Lorenzo Dalla Corte and Agung Indrajit , participated in this event.

Lorenzo presented his research on┬áBalancing the Right to Data Protection with Open Data. The central research question of his PhD research is ‘How may the interests of the right to data protection be balanced with the interests underlying open data regulations?’. His research so far shows that open data is not a right in itself, but access to and re-use of data are rights. Lorenzo also revealed the general incompatibility between data protection and open data, and shows that in most cases data protection trumps open data.

The central topic of Agung’s PhD research is ‘4D Open Spatial Information Infrastructure Supporting Participatory Urban Planning Monitoring’. His Ph.D. project will focus on how to improve spatial information sharing to support participatory urban planning monitoring by implementing two-ways direction and open data principles. His research will cover policy aspects (data governance for Open SII), technical aspects (specifications o Open SII and spatial data management) and implementation aspects (how different dimensions of spatial information could improve participatory urban planning monitoring).

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